Hui-Ling was born in Nanking, China at a time of tremendous turmoil and change. She was aware of war, danger, disease and separation, but was always grateful of the adoration and protection of her loving parents.

She grew up traveling with her family, moving from country to country and following her father's career as a diplomat. She realized the sameness of all humans at a young age.

One of her earliest memories was her parents observing her coloring an image and commenting: "This daughter will grow up to be an artist!" That truly became her lifelong direction. From the age of seven, she followed several masters, learning traditional Chinese style paintings: flowers, landscapes and courtladies.

At 19, she began to study in USA, at California State University at Long Beach. In 1971, she received the Bachelor of Arts degree in drawing and painting.

Hui-Ling and her husband Yiannis Mavroidis of Megara, Greece have two children. They have lived in Greece, England and now in Thalwil, Switzerland.

Hui-Ling has been blissfully happy painting and teaching painting. She had the desire to combine the East and the West, to find an aesthetic common denominator where the two meet artistically and spiritually. Now with the maturity of time, she simply allows herself to relax and paint, and her works naturally show a blend of eastern and western influences.

Hui-Ling wishes to be the passage which allows positive energy to be crystallized into an image for others to see, feel and experience. She paints only when she is tranquil and happy, believing that painting is a meditating experience, a prayer for the blessing of the positive force of the universe. She paints the beautiful, the serene, the universal harmony, the ultimate goodness of the human spirit.


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